GONG, Center for Peace Studies and Documenta in cooperation with SOLIDARNOM- Foundation for Human Rights and Solidarity, the agency BRODOTO and association RODA- Parents in Action invites you to the workshop SOLIDARITY STARTS WITH CONTACT: communication tools for involving citizens in the development of the community and society in Osijek, Rijeka and Split.


communication tools for involving citizens in the development of the community and society

The workshop "Solidarity starts with contact" is designed in the form of dynamic two-hour series of presentations and discussions in small groups, with the aim of sharing knowledge, tools and experiences on how to reach out to a wider circle of people and involve them in our advocacy for positive social change, worrying about human rights and the development of community and society.

  • The first block, called "Crowdfunding Anonymous" will serve as a forum for the exchange of experience of the implementation of local crowdfunding campaign, with expert advice from leading companies BRODOTO. On this occasion, you will get familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of ICT tools for online donation, including donor platform foundation in solidarity.
  • The second block, called "From information to trust" will be dedicated to communication tools for effective informing and involving a wider circle of members, staff and the general public in the work of civil society organizations - will show you a new ICT platform for public consultation Foundation in solidarity and guide "Activism in numbers and letters "to prepare public reports on the social effects of activist work.

The workshops "SOLIDARITY STARTS WITH CONTACT" will guide Kristina Lauš from the agency BRODOTO and Ivana Zanze from RODA, and the ICT tools by Ivan Blazevic, a member of the project team Philanthropy for Human Rights which GONG, CMS and Documenta conducted with support from the EEA Grants, but who at the same time acts as secretary of the foundation in solidarity