What the F? Philanthropy in the service of human rights protection – innovations

Ahead of the Day of Human Rights, with which we mark the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we cordially invite you to the round table and meetup of SOLIDARNA Foundation during the Human Rights Film Festival Zagreb.

Thursday, December 7th, from 4pm to 6pm, „Europa“ cinema, Müller hall


  • Biljana Đakić Đorđević, Trag Foundation executive director, Belgrade
  • Branka Kaselj, Slagalica Foundation executive director, Osijek
  • Marija Mažić, Reach for Change Foundation manager
  • Andrea Brbaklić, Axis Consulting, head of the Catalyst Foundation executive board, Serbia
  • Ana Josipović, IKEA Croatia HR manager (TBC)
  • Mirjana Matešić, head of the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development, Zagreb

Moderator: Marina Škrabalo, head of the SOLIDARNA Foundation


The purpose of the round table is to present the different activities and innovations of multiple foundations and corporate philanthropic programs in Croatia and Serbia which act on the local community level, and whose support is directed towards the empowerment of marginalized groups, the practical protection of human rights, quality of life and the reduction of social inequality.

We will discuss innovations in philanthropic human rights based approach and the challenges that come with it. Those challenges will be observed in the context of poor communities and communities with great deal of systematic human rights violations, limited donor capacities of the private sector, very basic institutional framework for the development of philanthropy and a still widespread understanding of human rights as a topic that primarily concerns the state and specialized institutions and activists, rather than the business sector, individuals and the society as a whole.

We will also discuss the interrelation of the humanitarian and developmental approach in philanthropy as well as the specific role of the private sector in regards to the public sector and the effect it has on an active protection of human rights.

In addition, our intent is to gather ideas relevant to the creating of a stimulating environment for the activities of foundations and philanthropy in Croatia and Serbia in the light of the current drafting of the new Act on Foundations in Croatia and the current, parallel processes of making national strategies for creating stimulating environment for the development of civil society in both countries.


We are looking forward to your arrival and sharing ideas and experiences!


To confirm your arrival please send email to: info@solidarna.hr