SOLIDARITY concert for Desa & Jerko Baković Fund

Inspired by the example of Desa & Jerko Baković who donated 600,000.00 kn for poor children and Desa’s words: "It's always better to give than to receive!", we are organizing the first big event to raise additional resources to provide professional support to children in their education and personal development throughout our beautiful country.

SOLIDARITY CONCERT for children of the Desa & Jerko Baković fund is the first in a series of events with which we intend to gather even more funds for Desa & Jerko Baković fund so that we can long-term support the poor children during their education and personal development.

Cinema Europe, June 20, 18-20 h

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Imagine, you have just listened the wonderful performance of the SO-DO orchestra of children and young people and the jazz quartet of virtuoso, composer and guitarist Pavle Miljenović and leave Cinema Europe enriched with beautiful music and the knowledge that you personally contributed to providing four-year scholarships for 31 children from all over Croatia. Is there a more beautiful feeling?



SO DO- EL SISTEMA CROATIA is implementing a social development program for children and young people which uses music as a means of achieving social change, in the world known as El Sistema. The idea has emerged in Venezuela more than 40 years ago and today it has spread to the whole world because of its outstanding achievements in the lives of children and the social changes of entire communities, as well as in musical excellence.

Pavle Miljenović Jazz Quartet is a composition made of top Croatian jazz musicians of the younger generation: Pavle Miljenović - guitar, Mario Bočić - saxophone, Zvonimir Šestak - double bass and Borko Rupen - drums. They all collaborated with numerous world and country musicians, recorded albums and played hundreds of concerts. In collaboration with these musicians, with whom he has been working for a long time, and with Hrvoje Galler on the piano, Pavle made the album "Begin" last year. (Croatia Records) which has received all the best criticism from journalists and audiences. Mario and Paul also recorded the album "Spiritual Market" of the double bassist Vedran Ružić who won the Porin Award for Best jazz album in 2017, while Zvonimir and Borko won the award for various projects such as 4in3plus1, Davor Križić Experiment etc. They are also the winners of the "Status" Award for the Best jazz instrumentalists in 2018.

Amount of donation for the ticket: 100kn

Purchase procedure: cashier of Cinema Europe, donor platform (, directly viral (payment description: SOLIDARITY CONCERT, IBAN HR7323900011100948072), or by mail if you want to buy more tickets for your friends, employees or colleagues, please contact our colleague Petra on


* all tickets paid through a donor platform or directly to IBAN will be waiting for you on the day of the concert in Cinema Europe.