Report on SOLIDARNA Foundation's Support to Grassroots Actions for Women's Human Rights and Gender Equality

In October 2016, SOLIDARNA has launched the „Secondary Out Loud!“ campaign as a response to ever-growing misogynist discourse coming from clerical circles and increasingly intense attacks on women's reproductive and sexual rights in Croatia. Here you can see and download the whole report.

Citizens have been mobilized to stand up for gender equality through various channels: the FB page „Secondary out loud!“ has gathered more than 2500 citizens and has been supported by series of public appearances on various cultural, activist and sport events. Cooperation with a number of associations, cafes and shops throughout Croatia has also been achieved. Support for women's initiatives could have been manifested through donation and in turn you could get T-shirts with the captions "secondary," "slut" "disobedient," and "from Eve’s rib" (male solidarity edition).


From the donations of the citizens 40.579,00 HRK was collected altogether. SOLIDARNA added another 15.000,00 HRK donations from its general fund in order to issue a public call for proposals with 60.000,00 HRK (8000 EUR) fund on the occasion of the International Human Rights day 2017. Financial supports went up to 4,000 HRK for ad hoc actions (URGENT & IMPORTANT) and up to 10,000 HRK  for new or innovative artistic, activist and auxiliary actions (INCUBATOR), initiatives and projects of individuals, informal groups and organizations that protect and promote gender equality and freedom of the gender expression. The emphasis was on innovative initiatives coming from small environments. 61 entries were received at the tender and 16 small grants were awarded on the eve of the International Women's Day in 2017.

Here is the list of all supported projects & initiatives, the whole report you can download at the bottom of the page:

·         Initiative „In good faith“, 7.500,00 HRK, Zagreb

·         Football club Zagreb 041, Women's football team, 5.000,00 HRK, Zagreb

·         Center for mother of angels, Support to women who have lost baby or a child, 3.880,00 HRK (national level)

·         Drum'n'Anger, 5.000,00 HRK, Zagreb (national level – feminist activist drumming collective)

·         Center for civil initiatives, „Super grandmas in action!“, 2.000,00 HRK, Karlovac

·         fAKTIV, International Women's Day Week 2017., 5.500,00 HRK, Zagreb

·         Jureković Nikolina and Strinavić Manuela, Break the wall of silence!, 3.530,00 HRK, Nova Gradiška

·         The Association for the promotion of the creative and healthy life of the island, Islands and islanders, 6.000,00 HRK, Prvić/Šibenik archipelago

·         Kadoić Tina, Experimental drama „Everything that is not yours“, 4.500,00 HRK, Sv. Ivan Zelina, Nova Gradiška, Bjelovar, Sesvete

·         Sustainable island, O.- journal about gender eqality, solidarity and other island themes, 5.000,00 HRK, Jelsa

·         Tomičić Espi, Herak Sabrina, „I haven't stopped since morning“, 3.000,00 HRK (national level)

·      Kalogjera Brkić Ivana, The initiative to cover the cost of going to the treatment for women who have cancer, 3.600,00HRK, Zagreb (plan for national level)

·         Bitcherin, web page „Gaynial“, 600,00 HRK, Split

·         City library and reading room Ivan Belostanec Incubator of the independent“, 2.000,00 HRK, Ozalj

·         Perić Ivana i Kuzmanić Ana, You speak, I write-invisible women in focus“ , 2.000,00 HRK, Zadar

·         VFS Vrhovac, „The firefighter sisters“, 2.000,00 HRK, Ozalj

Due to the acute need for permanent work on defense of acquired women's human rights, the SOLIDARNA Foundation will continue to actively seek out targeted donor support during year 2018. for ad hoc and emerging women’s community initiatives and will periodically, in accordance with the in flow of funds, resume the „Secondary Out Loud!“ public calls for proposals. For this purpose, the SOLIDARNA Foundation seeks cooperation with thematic foundations and programmes for supporting women in Croatia and abroad.

For further information and possible cooperation please contact:

Marina Škrabalo


SOLIDARNA- Foundation for Human Rights and Solidarity

Office address: Trg kralja Petra Krešimira IV, Nr.2

10 000 Zagreb, Croatia


The Secondary Out Loud!

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