Report from consultations about needs and priorities of financing CSO's for human rights protection

We present to you a report about the needs and priorities of financing the CSO's for the protection of human rights based on the consultations with representatives of civil society organizations in Rijeka, Osijek, Čakovec and Split.

This report is based on consultations with representatives of civil society organisations dealing with promotion and protection of human rights and are covering a wide range of targeted groups and specific subjects- social services for marginalized groups (children from poor families, Roma children, children with disabilities, young people, women who are victims of domestic violence, homeless people, people with mental illness, unemployed young people) through public advocacy (gender equality, youth rights, rights of national minorities, rights of war victims) to economic empowerment of marginalized groups, environmental and health protection.

The report was prepared by Marina Škrabalo and Nives Miošić from GONG, and two key challenges for financial sustainability of CSO's are detected administrative burdens related to project preparation and implementation and time discontinuity in financing.

Izvještaj o prioritetima financiranja

izvještaj sa savjetovanja o potrebama i prioritetima financiranja OCD-a.pdf