Petition "Every sick child has the right for a chance to live"

The petition was initiated by SOLIDARNA - the foundation for human rights and solidarity, and The Economic-Social Justice Program of the Center for peace studies, due to the serious health and life endangering of seven children suffering from malignant neuroblastoma who are treated at the Zagreb Children's Hospital in Klaićeva Street.

This problem was brought to the public by Zoran Bahtijarević, the head of the Zagreb Children's Hospital Zagreb (Jutarnji List, 11th June 2017 and Index, 13th June 2017). He pointed out that this is the result of continually insufficient monthly limit for children's medicine supply in this hospital, insufficient budget expenditure for health care and the evidently inadequate mechanism of urgent acquisition of medicine for rare diseases compared to actual needs.

We emphasize that this is not a humanitarian issue that citizens should solve with charitable actions, but the state's responsibility for the systemic problem of inequality in one's access to healthcare, as well as  the ineffective planning and management of health costs.





In order to immediately solve the problem of said children, as well as to solve the problem of inequality in accessing needed treatments depending on the diagnosis, our demands towards the Government are as follows:

1) On Monday, 19th June, at a special (telephone) session, Government needs to make a decision to grant a total of 10.5 million HRK to the Zagreb Children's Hospital for the urgent purchases of new medicine for seven child patients suffering from neuroblastoma, directly from the manufacturer, with urgent implementation of the necessary import procedures for the medicine in the Republic of Croatia.

2) The Government needs to order HZZO (Croatian Institute for Health Insurance) to approve an increase of the monthly limit for additional 2.5 million HRK for the Zagreb Children's Disease Clinic, starting next month.

3) The Government needs to obligate HZZO to make an estimation of the needed funds by autumn, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, for urgent medical situations and rare diseases in order to set up a Crisis Health Fund for this purpose with more flexible mechanisms for urgent and specially expensive needs.


We remind that we live in a country which has financed Agrokor with public money, spends tens of millions HRK on car purchases for official needs, additionally invests hundreds of millions HRK in the army, pays monthly severance payments to public company managers and orders a series of expensive foreign studies with a multitude of civil servants. If there is not enough money in such a country for severely ill children, then this is not the righteous country we want, and the country many people gave their lives for.

This government can enter the history as a government that has given a chance for life or as a government that has abandoned humanity and trained budgetary rigorousness among the weakest among us - ill children.

We are waiting for the actions of the Government – will it help children and start solving systemic problems? If they do not do so in the next couple of days, we will have to go into further action.

Pismo predsjedniku Vlade RH

Pismo predsjedniku Vlade - peticija SVAKO DIJETE IMA PRAVO NA ŠANSU ZA ŽIVOT 19-06-2017.pdf