Human Rights Pitching Forum for the first time at HRFF

In collaboration with the social enterprise Brodoto, Foundation Solidarna has organized Human Rights Pitching Forum: activism meets film for the first time as part of the accompanying program of the 15th Human Rights Film Festival in Zagreb.

Human Rights Pitching forum was held on December 6 2017, from 16h to18 h, at the hall Müller, Cinema Europe, and was intended for activist initiatives, organizations and individuals promoting human rights, environmental protection, public goods, social justice, inclusion, diversity and solidarity, which, in the coming year, plan a public action or campaign - advocacy, sensational or charitable, and are looking for creative collaborators and ideas. The aim of the Pitching Forum was to connect participants with potential associates, primarily filmmakers (ADA students, amateurs and professionals) as well as PR-s and representatives of related organizations.

To participate in the Pitching Forum, a total of 10 entries have been received from the following organizations: Restart, ZMAG, Dino Tremens, Centre for Women War Victims – Rosa, Adventure ecological Association Aktiv Natura, Dita Entertainment, Sirius, Croatian Association for Equality of Parenting, Association for Support to Victims and Witnesses and Solidarna Foundation. The ideas presented by the representatives of organizations through the producer format of pitching are socially useful and related to the environment, women's and gender rights, psychological and emotional development of children, public awareness of the victims and witnesses’ rights in criminal and misdemeanor proceedings, and raising awareness of the importance of autonomous, independent and sustainable development of philanthropy in Croatia.

The first Human Rights Pitching Forum was moderated by Kristina Lauš from the social enterprise Brodoto and Tajana Bakota, a production student at the Academy of Dramatic Arts and one of the leaders of the Pitchadu, a student pitching forum supported by SOLIDARNA. A day earlier at the same time in the same place a preparatory workshop of pitching was held, which was led pro bono by producer Dijana Mlađenović from the production company Kinematograf. At the workshop participants of the Forum had the opportunity to learn how to present and visualize their ideas and needs and to begin to develop their pitching skills.

The participants were very successful in presenting ideas in the new format and managed to present their ideas and needs for realization of the same and some of the participants were able to connect with future collaborators. We wish good luck to everyone, and the Foundation Solidarity and social enterprise Brodoto remain the link for connecting all the other participants with their desired associates.

Foundation Solidarna and social enterprise Brodoto thank everyone for participating in the first Human Rights Pitching Forum and for starting to form a new collaborative format for spreading solidarity in the protection of human rights of all generations. How everything looked like you can look at the Human Rights Film Festival Gallery:

Foundation SOLIDARNA is available to all participants of the first HR Pitching forum for further networking.