Grateful congratulations to aunt Desa for her 101st birthday

On the occasion of the 101st birthday of our benefactor Desa Baković, on Thursday, April 19th, at the Human rights house in Zagreb, SOLIDARNA and Civic committee for human rights have organized a birthday celebration where "Desa and Jerko Baković" fund was presented to the public.

The fund was created thanks to the generous donation of Mrs. Desa Baković, who on behalf of her late husband Jerko and herself decided to donate money from the sale of her own apartment to launch a support program for the education of poor children. Mr. Jerko Baković (1916-2010), the Zagreb's illegal, concentration camp prisoner, the partisan and the brother of the killed Rajka and Zdenka Baković. Married couple Baković was a multiple donor of the Civic committee for human rights, who from 1995 to 2010 has been collecting food, clothing and medicine for people residing in Banja and Kordun, as well as for returnees and refugees from BiH who have returned or have departed in these areas, said president of the Fund's Foundation council and president of CCHR Zoran Pusić.


The "Desa and Jerko Baković" fund supports children who attend elementary and secondary school and includes financial and additional material and professional support in accordance with personal development plans of each child, in multi-year schooling cycles, with counseling and close contact with parents. The focus is on children exposed to material deprivation, the risk of social exclusion and discrimination, who may not have adequate support in developing their own self-confidence and skills for successful education. At the 101st birthday of Mrs. Desa, the "Desa and Jerko Baković" fund awarded the financial support or scholarships for 31 children or young persons aged between 10 and 18 years, in order to support successful elementary and secondary school education during the current (2018/19. ) and the next two school years (2018/19 and 2019/20), in the total amount of 500,000.00 kn.



Most children and young scholars came to birthday celebration accompanied by their parents and educators, which has endlessly cheered Mrs. Desa, especially when every child gave her a balloon and personally congratulated birthday and has received a certificate of scholarship. The celebration was also accompanied by a female singing quartet that nourishes melodies of intertwined Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian folklore traditions. The culmination of the celebration was the recitation of Severina Lajtman, a scholar of the Fund from Međimurje - one of the leading young reciters in Croatia, who with her two songs from this year's LIDRANO proved the richness of the talents aunt Desa has supported with her benevolence.


As director of SOLIDARNA Marina Škrabalo has stressed, scholarships from the Desa and Jerko Baković fund  desire knowledge, creativity and opportunities to continue their education in larger environments, despite all the challenges they face - poverty and isolation, life without a parent who is in prison, living with chronic illnesses and disabilities, the position of the Serb and Roma national minority, the psychological consequences of domestic violence and the lack of adequate parental care. The Fund’s scholars come from 20 different communities, mostly villages and municipalities of Kordun, Banovina and the border areas to Lika and Gorski Kotar (26) as well as from Međimurje (two girls), Slavonija, Rijeka and Zagreb. Support of the Fund goes to children and young people from the following villages, municipalities and towns: Banjsko Selo, Banova Jaruga, Donje Bukovlje, Dvor, Puškarovci / Držimurec - Strelec, Mala Subotica, General Staff, Gunja, Roma settlement Kursanec, Čakovec, Krnjak, Novska, Petrinja , Plaški, village Trstenica near Vrginmost, Vojnić, Udbina, Vrginmost, Hrvatska Kostajnica, Sunja, Slavonski Brod, Ogulin (Gavran), Glina, Rijeka, Zagreb / ​​Belgrade. With financial support, the "Desa and Jerko Baković" fund aims to provide donated equipment, books, clothing and additional forms of education and psychosocial support in accordance with the needs of a particular child and the intention is to organize thematic workshops on knowledge exchange and social skills development for all scholars. To achieve that, we intend to work closely with the counselors and families of each child. The purpose of the Fund and SOLIDARNA Foundation is  also that the story about the noble act of Mrs. Desa and her late husband Jerko inspires and encourages us all to protect the children's rights to creativity and education through the "Desa and Jerko Baković" fund as a lasting source of support for the smallest among us.


Sanja Sarnavka, the president of the SOLIDARNA foundation, urged all fellow citizens and fellow citizens to join us as supporters of the fund “Desa and Jerko Baković” and that with their donation in money, knowledge, time or material goods, support the growth of every child in security, creativity and acceptance. Through this and next year, we are aiming to increase the total value of the "Desa and Jerko Baković" fund to ensure the continuity of child support  in the multi-year schooling cycle and to expand the number of our scholarships in the coming years.


Your support and donation to the "Desa and Jerko Baković" fund is the most beautiful gift for Mrs. Desa for her 101st birthday!

Become supporters of the fund "Desa and Jerko Baković"!

Assigned bank account for donations to the "Desa and Jerko Baković" fund:

 HR0423900011500129049, at the Croatian postal bank, the owner of a dedicated account: SOLIDARNA - Foundation for human rights and rolidarity.


Contact for all interested supporters and donors of the "Desa and Jerko Baković" fund:

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