DARING - Support program for economic women empowerment

Public tender for expert and financial support to women in entrepreneurship

Partners: IKEA, Mastercard, Foundation SOLIDARNA and Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development

IKEA and Mastercard in cooperation with SOLIDARNA – Foundation for human rights and solidarity and Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development are initiating Support program for economic women empowerment – DARING. DARING promotes socially responsible enterprises who's holders are women. Within pilot project, women entrepreneurs who have developed product or service lines in start-up phase,  will be provided with financial support, access to expert information and opportunities for business networking in order to successfully step into growth phase and business development.

Public tender for business development will be opened until midnight 31 of January 2019. 

Who can apply?
Crafts, family farms, micro and small enterprises, cooperatives and entrepreneurship projects within non profit organizations  (associations, private non profit institutions and foundations) which are mostly women owned and/or are hiring at least 50% of women.

Goals of the DARING Program:

  1. Providing support to women entrepreneurship ventures from evolving from start-up phase to growth phase and business development, in accordance to socially responsible entrepreneurship principles.

  2. Providing support for leader, business and team competence development within women enterprises, on manager, employees and team level.

  3. To contribute to business success and sustainability of small women enterprises, and to contribute to quality and durability of working places for women.

Initial fund for financial support for DARING program is 250 000 HRK, from which will be funded 3 - 5 projects/initiatives of women entrepreneurship ventures, in individual sum up to 75 000 HRK.

Along with dedicated financial support, supported entrepreneurship women will get encompassed and continuous mentor support  with the purpose of quick business networking and easy access to specialist information, educations and consultant services and in cooperation  with series of business organizations like Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development, ACT Group and others. During February, educational-advisory workshop with all finalists will be held, and final results of tender for support DARING will be published at the beginning of March.

With the launch and gradual multi-annual development of Program for economical women empowerment DARING, IKEA and Mastercard want to contribute to achieving full gender equality  – fifth goal of global Program of sustainable development until 2030, what this companies recognize as their social responsibility both global and local.

Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development is specialized business organization which gathers companies dedicated to contribution to sustainable development goals, while for SOLIDARNA foundation, the main implementer of pilot project DARING, protection of women human rights and promotion of gender equality as well as the right for gender expression is one of program priorities.

DARING program is focused on support and promotion of socially responsible entrepreneurship which holders are women  and which whom quality working places are created, especially for members of marginalized social groups, quality and long-term work and business relationships and processes based on integrity, respect, trust and appreciation of differences are nurtured.

With DARING program we want to contribute to profound recognition and more quality social response to specific needs and obstacles which women entrepreneurs encounter in family, market and social sphere, because of the still dominant patriarchal social and economic patterns which treat female experiences, needs and ambitions as secondary in relation to traditional male power positions.

Detailed instructions for tender application and application forms can be found at www.solidarna.hr/odvazna. For all additional information about tender and opportunities for partner cooperation in implementation of DARING program, please contact foundation SOLIDARNA on email: odvazna@solidarna.hr.

We are looking forward for your interest and applications!

Natječajna dokumentacija

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