Call for volunteering in SOLIDARNA

SOLIDARNA is foundation for human rights and solidarity that has been operating in the human rights domain since 2015 and has had a number of successful campaigns and advocacy activities such as Secondary out loud!, Good Hosts: Lets support young creative people without a home!, Every sick child has the right for a chance to live, You are not alone – come along with us! and the Desa & Jerko Baković fund for scholarships for poor children. The aim of Solidarna is to bring citizens together in solidarity with all fellow citizens who’s human rights are endangered, especially women's rights and the right to health. In order to be more successful in our goal, we are looking for volunteers who share our vision and want to see positive social changes in Croatia.

    • You want to learn more about human rights and how to protect them?

      • Do violations of human rights you see in your surroundings upset you?
      • Are you interested in foundations and want to learn more about donation programs?
      • Do you want to participate in organizing public events and educations?
      • You handle well social networks and want to share your knowledge with others and help to raise the visibility of the foundation's work?
      • English or German are as native languages to you and you love reading and translating?
      • You want to develop your research, organizational and communication skills?
      • Do you want to participate in educational exchanges of knowledge where the experts give you tips, such as how to organize a press conference, how to organize an action or fundraising event?

      ... Or you just want to get to know like-minded people and mingle in a pleasant environment fighting for better tomorrow?


      If you have found yourself at least in one of the above, then you are the right person to volunteer in SOLIDARNA. Work assignments and the time span of volunteer work will be individually discussed with each selected volunteer depending on his or her needs and interests. If you are still deciding, look at what our former volunteers say about their experience of volunteering in Solidarna on the following link "How we found ourselves in Solidarna".

      Applications should contain a CV and motivation letter in the maximum of one A4 format page, and should be sent to and to with the indication "Volunteering Application" by 1st  October 2018. Please indicate in the motivation letter the time period and the weekly time frame you would like to volunteer in SOLIDARNA. We thank you in advance for your interest and submissions!




      In solidarity,


      Team of Solidarna foundation