Call for public online consultation: Priorities of the presidency of the European Union 2019-2020

GONG and CROSOL are launching public consultation "Priorities of the presidency of the European Union 2019-2020", to be held by a new trio of member states - Romania, Finland and Croatia. The purpose of this public consultation is to identify topics and issues of crucial importance for a democratic, sustainable development of the EU and to jointly try to influence the access to the presidency and priorities of the Croatian, Romanian and Finnish governments.

Public consultation runs from September 24th to October 5th 2018, and is open to Croatian citizens, experts, journalists and activists of civil society organizations as well as interested civil society organizations from Romania, Finland, neighboring Western Balkan countries (on EU expansion) as well to European civil society networks and members of the European economic and social committee.

For this purpose, we have prepared thematic analyses for a number of hot topics in the EU which we consider to be particularly relevant for the next presidency. These are the finalization of Brexit, the Multiannual financial framework of EU 2021-27, the European elections 2019 and their consequences, protection of the European values, European democratic governance, a unique digital market, European energy security and sustainability and EU expansion to the Western Balkans. This is an initial spectrum of topics that will be complemented by the suggestions and contributions that have been received on the basis of public consultation.

Each thematic analysis provides a brief overview of the topic, highlights current challenges, reviews the importance of the topic for EU presidency and, finally, highlights the key remarks, suggestions and concerns coming from civil society regarding this particular topic.

In addition to commenting the text online, please fill out a short online survey that is on HERE, as well as under each of the thematic analyses which is included in public consultation. The survey will help us to identify, in total, which topics, issues and policy initiatives on EU level are the most important in relation to the future EU presidency. You can also complete the survey separately, even if you do not participate in public consultation.

You can comment on each topic individually in public consultation. Your suggestions that are very valuable to us are the ones on which specific issue and the political proposal of the policy should be focus of the joint advocacy towards the future EU presidency members, as well as all other EU institutions. Thematic analyzes are available in Croatian and English, and in the attachment we are sending a manual on how to use SOLIDARNA advisory platform for civil society that we use for this public consultation.

On Tuesday, October 9th at the international conference "The role of the EU presidency in the protection of European values" the results of the consultation will be presented and the common advocacy priorities of civil society for a democratic, socially just and sustainable European Union whose development will be guided by the presiding trio over the next two years Romania, Finland and Croatia will be discussed. On this occasion we invite you to participate in this conference, which will be held at the House of Europe from 10 am to 13 pm. More information and conference program will soon be shared with you, and also you can contact GONG or CROSOL.

Thank you in advance for your response to this public consultation and for forwarding this invitation for inclusion of the public to your members  and your associates.


For all additional questions, please contact Branka Juran, CROSOL or Ivan Blažević, SOLIDARNA Foundation, who administers this public consultation.


We thank you in advance for your cooperation and we look forward to your comments and coming to the conference.