SOLIDARNA Foundation is inviting all people of good will and awareness of the importance of civic solidarity to get engaged, through donations, in direct crisis support to journalists, whistle-blowers, human rights defenders and victims of human rights violations. Help us to support the abused women and children for whom the state has no understanding and did not provide resources for the provision of direct assistance, to support responsible journalists and human rights activists who are threatened by legal investigations and court proceedings against them for doing their work, and those who must pay great damage compensations!

Let‘s show that civic solidarity is stronger than hatred, violence and the arrogance of the elite! Our fellow citizens need our help now - they do not have time to wait for the system to function as it should, and who knows when that will even happen.

SOLIDARKA is a solidarity fund intended to provide first aid to victims of human rights violations, journalists, activists, whistle-blowers who are exposed to administrative, political, economic and social pressures. Thanks to citizen donations, the SOLIDARKA Fund, if you respond to it, would be immediately able to react by providing crisis, humanitarian, and psycho-social assistance, as well as legal protection to all those whose human rights have been violated, yet whom the system has failed to protect. The target amount we initially want to collect in the SOLIDARKA fund is 50.000 HRK!

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Why do we need the SOLIDARKA Fund?

  •      Because we witness on a daily basis the dramatic cases of abused women and children who have been failed by a system of social protection that is not responsive to their needs, despite the fact that Croatia has ratified the Istanbul Convention and has secured funds for its implementation from the EU funds. After we have provided crisis assistance to individual women and their children, we invite you to join us in fundraising of the necessary money upfront  which will enable us to immediately provide legal representation, crisis humanitarian and psycho-social assistance to each of the victims of domestic violence when rigid bureaucratic institutions are failing to provide it.
  •          Because in Croatia, it has become fashionable to sue journalists who speak and write what they think! As a rule, highly professional journalists are targets of malicious lawsuits just because they are not afraid to speak or write the truth and share with the public the facts they have identified! The plum of the persecution of top journalists is the HRT Board, which spends tax-payer money, collected through mandatory fees, on court intimidations and financial exhaustion of journalists and media publishers. Let’s support the journalists who cannot rely on their editorial boards and are in urgent need of legal protection. Even in the cases when attorneys are ready to defend journalists and human rights defenders without compensation, for many it is impossible to cover the costs of court fees for multiple hearings and the VAT that the state charges on the services that lawyers have donated.
  •         Because it is most often those citizens who are publicly speaking out about social injustices, and proactively trying to do something about it, who are exposed to the most pressure and sanctions, just as whistle-blowers who reveal fraud and criminality, and those who speak about corruption are the most harassed. At the same time, activists who are trying to help refugees and providing information and services that the state fails to provide, are being maliciously accused of human trafficking and violations of the law. Let’s support the human rights defenders who receive the bills for court fees and legal representation which they cannot pay. Let's show solidarity in defending our constitutional values ​​and fundamental civic freedoms!

Solidarity against violence, hatred and arrogance of the elites!

Instructions for donors to the SOLIDARKA Fund:

·         You can donate to the SOLIDARKA Fund through credit transfer in the bank or postal office, via your netbanking or through the dedicated online donor platform of SOLIDARNA, to the bank account of SOLIDARNA Foundation at the Croatian Postal Bank, IBAN IHR73 2390 0011 1009 4807 2, SWIFT: HPBZHR2X (for payments from abroad).

·         The full amount of donations will be directed to end users - victims and human rights defenders, journalists and whistle-blowers.

·         The public will be regularly informed about the donations of the Fund through the SOLIDARNA website

·         The SOLIDARNA Foundation will not disclose the names of individual donors without their direct consent.

·         Each non-anonymous donor to the SOLIDARKA Fund will receive a detailed report on the amount of donated funds to their personal address.

·         Donations represent tax-deductible costs for natural and legal persons if they do not exceed 2% of total reported income or operating income in the previous year. The SOLIDARNA Foundation will issue a Grant Certificate to all donors who are applying for annual tax returns on natural persons income or corporate income tax. You can read more about tax relief on donations HERE.

Contact person: Ivan Blažević, Secretary of SOLIDARNA Foundation, e-mail:

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