SOLIDARNA’s founders believe that promoting and protecting all generations of human rights – from fundamental freedoms of expression, assembly and association, to right to work, home, healthy environment and basic public goods – requires lasting effort, creativity and strong resilience to all kinds of pressures. Encouraging domestic philanthropy for human rights is viewed as much needed and much belated test of democratic culture in Croatia. Hence, SOLIDARNA strives to earn trust from a broad range of non-state donors both from Croatia and internationally, who understand the value autonomy of human rights activism and are ready to support it, by their donations, in-kind support and public endorsement.

Kampanja Drugotna na sav glas!

In a few clicks you can pay your donation and with the receipt of payment you will receive a survey form where you choose the shirt of your choice (Drugotna, Štraca, Neposlušna) and the manner and place of receveing the shirts. By your donation you support us to support “Others".

All the money collected with donations for the shirts will focus on the allocation of small grants, through a public tender, for women's initiatives in local communities around the Croatia.

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Donate to the account of SOLIDARNA (IBAN): HR73 2390 0011 1009 4807 2 indicating DONATION.